Cylinder washing machine

Cylinder washing machine

Features:It is widely used to clean ore with high mud content, and all kinds of large ores, which is hard to wash. The washing efficiency is up to 99%.

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Cylinder washing machine

Product Introduction

The Cylinder washing machine is generally used for large ore, which is difficult to wash. In the mining process of non-ferrous metal, the raw materials need to be cleaned to avoid clogging the crushing and screening equipment in the raw materials of slime mineral. The Cylinder washing machine can effectively improve the quality of mines, it has prominent economic benefits to the reality of many lean mines in China.

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Outstanding Advantages

Low rotation power consumption and cost-saving.

Simple structure, stable performance, and high yield.

Low malfunction rate, the long service life of wearing parts.

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Cylinder washing machine

Cylinder washing machineTechnical Parameter

Model Capacity
Motor Power
Φ1.2×4.5 10-30 22
Φ1.5×5 15-45 30
Φ1.8×5.5 25-75 45
Φ2×6 30-100 75
Φ2.4×6.5 50-160 110
Φ2.6×7 45-210 132
Φ3×7.5 90-300 185

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