Wotetrack mobile cone crusher

Wotetrack mobile cone crusher

75-450mm Feeding Size

8-51mm Minimum discharge opening size

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Wotetrack mobile cone crusher

Product Introduction

Wotetrack mobile cone crusher is widely applied in metallurgical, construction, road building, chemical and phosphatic industry.

Wotetrack mobile cone crusher is suitable for hard and mid-hard rocks and ores, such as iron ores, copper ores, limestone, quartz, granite, gritstone, etc.

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The Advantages and Benefits of Wotetrack Mobile Cone Crusher

Incorporated design.

Truck mounted.

Quick road transportation.

With support legs on truck, quick to set-up.


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Wotetrack mobile cone crusher

The Performance Characteristics of Wotetrack Mobile Cone Crusher

The crushed materials are of equal size, thus reducing circulating load.

Large and medium-sized crushers adopt hydraulic chamber-cleaning systems, which will help reduce the down time.

Cone crushers with different chambers are available, to meet our customers' requirements.

Wotetrack mobile cone crusher

Wotetrack mobile cone crusherTechnical Parameter

Model WT160SC WT250SC WT300HPM WT400HPM
Dimensions of Transmission Devices Length 16800mm 19000mm 19000mm 19500mm
Width 3500mm 3600mm 3900mm 3900mm
Height 3700mm 3800mm 3800mm 3800mm
Weight 50t 60t 55t 65t
Belt Conveyor Hopper Volume 3m³ 3m³ 3m³ 3m³
Loading Height 2600m 2600m 2600m 2800m
Loading Width 1900mm 1900mm 1900mm 1900mm
1000×6300mm 1000×6300mm 1000×6300mm 1200×6500mm
Crusher Model SC160 SC250 HP300 HP400
Inlet Dimensions 75-360mm 75-450mm 60-200mm 68-280mm
Max.Feeding Size 360mm 450mm 200mm 280mm
Min. Discharging Size 8-25mm 8-35mm 8-45mm 8-51mm
Main Belt Conveyor Dimensions
1000×9000mm 1000×10000mm 1000×10000mm 1000×11000mm
Dumping Height 3100mm 3490mm 3490mm 3690mm
Secondary Screen Dumping Height 4200mm 4200mm 4400mm 4400mm
Model HX1536 HX1536 HX1536 HX1536
Sieve Dimensions 1500×3600mm 1500×3600mm 1500×3600mm 1500×3600mm
Belt Conveyors at the Bottom Dimensions
1000×5600mm 1000×5600mm 1000×5600mm 1000×6500mm
Dumping Height 3020mm 3020mm 3020mm 3300mm
Belt Conveyors to the Sieve Dimensions
650×2100mm 650×2100mm 650×2100mm 650×2100mm
Dumping Height 1370mm 1370mm 1370mm 1370mm
Belt Conveyors for Discharging Material Dimensions
650×10000mm 650×10000mm 650×11000mm 650×11000mm
Dumping Height 4200mm 4200mm 4400mm 4400mm
Diesel Engine Power 96kw 132kw 106kw 132kw
Manufacturer Carter Perkins Carter Perkins Carter Perkins Carter Perkins
The Main Machine Power 207.12kw 297.12kw 267.12kw 362.12kw
Ways of Controlling Wired/Wireless (optional) Wired/Wireless (optional) Wired/Wireless (optional) Wired/Wireless (optional)

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