DMC Series Single Pulse Dust Collector

DMC Series Single Pulse Dust Collector DMC Series Single Pulse Dust Collector

Application fields: DMC dust collector is suitable for dust removal and purification and material recovery of non-fibrous industrial dust in various working conditions.


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Internal Structure

Product Introduction

The DMC pulse single dust collector adopts the pulse blast cleaning technology, which overcomes the shortcomings of the conventional pulse dust collector and the compartment back-blowing dust collector.




Long cleaning cycle, low energy consumption:The use of the pulse blast cleaning method can achieve the purpose of thorough cleaning once.

Firm and reliable, long service life: DMC dust collector filter bag mouth sealing performance is good, firm and reliable. The filter bag keel is polygonal, which reduces friction and prolongs the life of the bag.

DMC Series Single Pulse Dust CollectorTechnical Parameter

Model Filtering area
Air volume
Fan model Fan motor Number of filter bag model of matched
german raymond mill
DMC24 18 1080~2160 4-72-3.2A Y90L-2-1.5kw 24     
DMC36 27 1620~3240 4-72-3.6A Y100L-2-3kw 36  HGM88 HGM95  
DMC48 36 2160~4320 4-68-4A Y112M-2-4kw 48  HGM100  
DMC64 48 2880~5760 4-68-4A Y112M-2-4kw 64  HGM130 HGM 120  
DMC80 60 3600~7200 4-72-4A Y132S1-2-5.5kw 80    
DMC96 72 4320~8640 4-72-4.5A Y132S2-2-7.5kw 96 HGM160 HGM175  
DMC112 84 5040~10800 4-72-4.5A Y132S2-2-7.5kw  112  HGM190  
DMC128 96 5760~11520 4-72-4.5A Y132S2-2-7.5kw  128   Selecting Based on Air Volume.
More Dust, Lower Filter Wind Speed.
8640~14400 4-72-5A Y160M2-2-15kw  128  
DMC150 112.5 6750~13500 4-72-5A Y160M2-2-15kw  150  
10000~20000 4-68-6.3C Y180M2-2-22kw  150  
DMC180 135 12000~24000 4-72-8C Y200L-2-30kw  180   Multipe Dust Collection & Location Timing.
A Settling Room is a Must.
DMC220 165 15000~34000 7-72-8C Y200L2-2-37kw  220  
Model Filtering area
Air volume
DMC24 18 1080~2160
DMC36 27 1620~3240
DMC48 36 2160~4320
DMC64 48 2880~5760
DMC80 60 3600~7200
DMC96 72 4320~8640
DMC112 84 5040~10800
DMC128 96 5760~11520
DMC150 112.5 6750~13500
DMC180 135 12000~24000
DMC220 165 15000~34000

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