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3/17/2020 15:16:40 PM What should we pay attention to during the running-in period of the sand making machine? The pros and cons of running in sand making machines will have an important impact on the lifespan, safety, and economy of the equipment. 1/14/2020 15:20:37 PM Problems Encountered During Operation of the Dryer & Their Solutions After the dryer is bought back, it is also necessary to do maintenance work, because unreasonable use will greatly reduce the dryer, shorten the service life and increase the input cost. 12/28/2019 14:20:49 PM How Much Is a Small 200 Mesh Gypsum Raymond Mill Before gypsum is applied in the industry, it needs to be milled. You can use a small 200-mesh gypsum Raymond mill for related processing. 12/18/2019 16:44:14 PM FTM Mobile Crushing Station Dedicated to Being Global Sand & Gravel Investors Experiencing the market's inspection and sharpening, FTM mobile crushing station has been continuously upgraded and optimized. 7/23/2019 15:08:57 PM The Basic Flows of Beneficiation There are three basic flows of beneficiation. 7/05/2019 09:25:45 AM Three Tips for You to Choose Rotary Kilns Special rotary kilns are very widely used in many industries and fields. We will share three key tips of the selection of a rotary kiln with you. 6/15/2019 14:09:50 PM The Elements Affecting the Separation Effect of Spiral Classifier As one of the mineral processing machines, the spiral classifier is a kind of mechanical grading classification equipment. With a spiral classifier, solid particles of different proportions deposit in the liquid at different speeds. 5/30/2019 16:12:43 PM The Environmental Iron Powder Briquette Machine Corners Chinese Market Fast In China, there is an abundant of sulfur coal, not permitted for exploitation or usage, which is a kind of a waste of resources. However, with iron powder briquette machines, it can be utilized to make shaped coal by adding sulfur-fixing agent, which can decrease the mineral resources loss in China. 5/11/2019 14:55:05 PM Some Notice of the Purchase of Rock Crushers With the constant development of the economy, rock crushers have been very popular products. Then, what should you notice when you’re going to purchase one rock crusher? 4/26/2019 15:27:24 PM Fote Helps the Operators Get Rid of the Noise from the Impact Crusher As the secondary and fine crushing equipment in the gravel production line, the impact crusher plays a vital role in the gravel production, which is of the unique structure, easy operation, and scientific crushing method. With the high-speed rotating rotor, the material hits the impact plates to be crushed. 4/15/2019 13:28:53 PM The Mobile Stone Crusher Can Be in Operation All Night The mobile stone crusher, made by Fote Heavy Machinery, can be in operation all night due to its many features like high efficiency so that it has been praised by lots of users. 4/04/2019 10:27:09 AM The new-type hydraulic sand maker There are many difficulties and much inconvenience in the replacement of the parts of the traditional sand maker. Thus, we have designed the new-type hydraulic sand maker, which is more convenient for you to replace the components. 3/25/2019 16:46:49 PM The Sand Maker Is an Inevitable Equipment for Sand Manufacturing Plants In China, there are lots of manufacturers of the complete artificial sand production equipment. The sand maker is very necessary for the investment in sand manufacturing plants. 3/13/2019 11:18:03 AM The After-sale Service of the Gravel Production Line The gravel production line, widely used in a variety of industries, can save the cost and can protect the environment so that it is popular in the market. To purchase the gravel production line, the after-sale service is very important. 3/05/2019 11:14:09 AM The Methods of Increasing the Output and Decreasing the Cost of the Gravel Production Line The gravel production line, widely used, consists of a variety of big-scale mining equipment, including the vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, vibrating screen, etc. Gravel production plants and production lines equipment manufacturers keep focusing on the increase of its efficiency and the decrease of its production cost. There are some methods of the increase of the output and the decrease of the running cost. 2/25/2019 08:48:35 AM The Manganese Ore Powder Grinding Equipment Made by Fote Manganese is widely distributed in nature. Some of its compositions are very useful for industry. The manganese ore powder grinding equipment, made by Fote, can be used to process manganese ore. It can be used in many industries. 2/14/2019 10:28:20 AM The 150-160t/h Dolerite Gravel Production Line In general, the gravel production line means the production process of aggregate, such as granite, dolerite, basalt, pebble, etc. The dolerite gravel production line, made by Fote Heavy Machinery, is of high production capacity, which can be chosen as your great helper. 1/21/2019 14:39:05 PM Which Kind of Sawdust Dryer Is Better? The sawdust dryer is the main equipment used to dry sawdust, wood chip, etc. The sawdust dryers are selected according to the moisture content of different materials. Then, what kind of sawdust dryer is the better one? Fote will talk about it with you. 1/11/2019 17:04:39 PM The Urban Building Waste Can Be Processed by the Mobile Crushing Station With the development of construction industry, there is lot of building waste. However, the use rate of the building waste is low. The mobile crushing station can process it well due to its many advantages, such as low cost, flexibility, etc. 1/07/2019 11:39:30 AM The Importance of the Lubrication of the Hammer Crusher The hammer crusher, as a key crushing machine, should be maintained regularly. Especially, some components of it should be lubricated, including the bearing support, the bearing, etc. With the regular and immediate lubrication, the hammer crusher can be in a better operation. 12/22/2018 16:54:19 PM The Common Used Stone Crushing Machines As the necessary equipment in mining, the stone crusher is used to crush stone into the gravel with required particle size. The common stone crushers are the jaw crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, mobile crusher, etc. There will be a brief introduction of the differences of various stone crushers and some selection methods of them. 12/14/2018 14:53:51 PM The Common Types of the Sand Making Machine There are many types of the sand making machine, which can process various materials, especially high-hardness materials. It can be divided by the differences of application and the working principle. 11/27/2018 14:53:56 PM The Methods of the Increase of the Output of the Sand Dryer There are four effective methods of the increase of the output of the sand dryer, including guaranteeing a certain feeding size, controlling the frequency of lifting the material and the drying speed and the temperature of the flue-gas, and filtering out some moisture of the material in advance. 11/08/2018 15:44:28 PM Some Details of the Maintenance of the Jaw Crusher Jaw crusher is a very common used crusher. Some details of the maintenance of it should be noticed, especially the maintenance of its key components, such as the machine body, the back plates, the movable jaw, etc. 9/06/2018 09:12:35 AM The Iron Ore Processing Machines Made by Fote Iron ore is the important raw material for iron and steel manufacturers. In general, only by the separation process can the iron ore, the grade of which is less than 50%, be smelted and made use of. Iron can be separated from natural iron ore by some processes, including the crushing process, grinding process, magnetic separation process, and the gravity separation process, etc. 1/23/2018 08:12:35 AM Main Factors Affecting the Working Hour of Jaw Crusher In the current industry, it cannot be denied that the quality of crusher parts produced by a small number of manufacturers is not as good as that of the original machine, so the replacement cycle of wear parts is shorter. 1/20/2018 08:17:38 AM Quality Is the Lifeline of Gypsum Pressure Ball Machine The production of gypsum pressure ball machine not only is to guarantee the production efficiency of pressure ball machine, so it should meet the requirement of coal production factory and needs of users. 1/19/2018 08:20:46 AM Fote Machinery Promotes the Low-carbon and Green Economy Since the beginning of the winter, fog and haze weather appeared frequently, and serious haze appeared in 25 provinces in December. 1/13/2018 08:17:20 AM Construction Waste Crushers Greatly Contribute to the Recycling of Waste With rapid economic development and rapid improvement of people's living standards, all sorts of garbage affect our lives and the environment. 1/11/2018 08:13:00 AM Fote Mobile Crusher Used for Processing Construction Wastes As the rapid and recent economy development, buildings especially skyscrapers are springing up in cities and towns at high speed. 1/05/2018 07:52:10 AM Advantages of Mobile Construction Wastes Crushing Statio The failure of arranging proper protective measures on the construction site causes the wastes heap to collapse, resulting in the road hindering and building crashing problems. 1/03/2018 09:08:09 AM Fote Takes Measures to Research and Develop New Products Chinese mining machinery industry needs to take measures to do research on the new high technology projects to march the new hi-tech era, thus leading China to stand on the global economic stage.