HSF Series Heavy-Duty Rods Vibrating Feeder

HSF Series Heavy-Duty Rods Vibrating Feeder

Length of the Bar: 1×900--2×900

400-1700t/h Maximum Processing Capacity

700-1500mm Maximum Feeding Size

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HSF Series Heavy-Duty Rods Vibrating Feeder

Product Introduction

HSF series bar vibrating feeder is designed according to heavy duty condition, which is suitable for feeding to crushing equipment of large and medium to primary crushing in stone materials, building materials and metallurgical mines.

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Highlight advantages

The tank designed according to the heavy duty condition has strong impact resistance.

Double shaft bearing with independent oil tank, combined with pin spring bearing, Which is suitable for different installation angles.

Modular design, Universal interchangeable parts of consumables.

Bar slits can be adjusted, There is a drop between the two bars, and the material distribution is more uniform.

The second layer sorting screen can be selected to improve the utilization rate of raw materials

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HSF Series Heavy-Duty Rods Vibrating Feeder

HSF Series Heavy-Duty Rods Vibrating FeederTechnical Parameter

Model Trough Size
Lendth Of The Bar
Maximum Feeding Size
Application Maximum Processing Capacity
HSF1040 1000×4000 1×1200 700 Fixed/Mobile 400-840 15
HSF1245 1200×4500 1×1200 800 Fixed/Mobile 500-1080 22
HSF1262(S) 1200×6200 2×900 800 Fixed 500-1080 22
HSF1345 1300×4500 1×1200 900 Fixed/Mobile 750-1150 22
HSF1362(S) 1300×6200 2×900 900 Fixed 750-1150 30
HSF1562(S) 1500×6200 2×900 1000 Fixed 800-1320 30
HSF1862(S) 1800×6200 2×900 1200 Fixed 1040-1560 37
HSF2162 2100×6200 2×900 1500 Fixed/Mobile 1200-1860 37
HSF2462 2400×6200 2×900 1500 Fixed 1360-2040 2×30

the types with (S) means you can choose additional sieve layer

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