Fote Takes Measures to Research and Develop New Products

1/03/2018 09:08:09 AM

Chinese mining machinery industry needs to take measures to do research on the new high technology projects to march the new hi-tech era, thus leading China to stand on the global economic stage. Transformation and upgrading are two major and core steps for Chinese mining machinery manufacturers to increase their economy developing speed, as well as the only two ways for them to change the current developing disadvantages.

So, what is transformation and what is upgrading? Here are the answers. Transformation refers to changing the traditional industrial development pattern to innovation driving revolution, to environmental friendly and low carbon developing, to intelligent and service-oriented manufacturing, as well as to domestic demand and consumer-driving economy, thus realizing new industrialization path. Upgrading is to totally optimize structures of business, technology, products, organization and layout in order to promote the entire improvement of the industrial structure.

As the leading giant of mining machinery manufactures in Central China, Henan Fote is familiar with the significant influence that transformation will have on the company’s future and has started to take effective measures to promote these upgrading policy. Fote insists that creativity is the driving force of the industry, so our company spares no effort to strengthen the crushing equipment research and crushing product innovation.

In order to quicken the adjustment and transformation speed of the industrial structure, the government and companies need to think ways to use the least investment and consumption to make the best quality products. Our company focuses all attention on the role of innovation which includes technological innovation, product innovation, brand innovation, organization innovation and business model innovation.


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