Fote Mobile Crusher Used for Processing Construction Wastes

1/11/2018 08:13:00 AM

As the rapid and recent economy development, buildings especially skyscrapers are springing up in cities and towns at high speed. New buildings come and old ones are abandoned. Therefore, construction wastes appear respectively. It’s reported that every year building removal and reconstruction projects will cause billions of tons of wastes. Apart from construction wastes, other solid industrial wastes will also be created. In this case, our company has introduced customers the most popular crushing machines to break all kinds of wastes existing in the construction site, namely Fote mobile crushing plant, especially the crushing star-jaw crusher which has made much improvement based on the traditional jaw crusher.

Through trial and error, Fote experts reorganize the traditional mobile crushing plant, adding scientifically sand maker and jaw crusher to it, thus creating the new handling equipment which is in line with the indexes of the resource recycling and reuse policy made by the government. The mobile crushing plant integrates the feeding, crushing and conveying processes to form a strong crushing and separating production line. Above all, we believe that Fote will definitely make excellent achievement in handling construction wastes by adopting the new advanced mobile crusher families.

In early years, Fote experts have set up its own research and development department and gathered lots of technological talents, all these efforts leading the company to create and manufacture the perfect Fote mobile crusher plant which will offer ideal solution for the current urgent issue of handling construction wastes. Mobile crushers can work smoothly by cooperating with each other as soldiers in an army, which will do better in the crushing process in the construction sites.

Why do customers recommend the mobile crushing plant equipped with jaw crusher to deal with hard and corrosive construction wastes? The reasons lie in the modern requirement of the crushing process. For these wastes, we need a crushing tool that is quite safe and simple to operate and also can realize high efficiency, environmental protection and zero emission.


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