The Importance of the Lubrication of the Hammer Crusher

1/07/2019 11:39:30 AM


 In the maintenance of the hammer crusher, the friction surface of it should often be lubricated, which can guarantee the normal operation of the hammer crusher and can prolong the service life of the machine. The amount of the grease added into the bearing support should be 50%-70% of the volume of it, which should be replaced once every three months. It is clean gasoline or kerosene that should be adopted to seriously clean the track of the bearing roller. Before the start of the hammer crusher, there must be some lubricant between the bracket and the bracket pad. As a quick-wear part of the hammer crusher, the bearing should be maintained by lubrication usually, which can prolong its service life.

  The daily maintenance of the hammer crusher should be noticed a lot in order to guarantee the normal operation of the hammer crusher, decrease the failure shutdown, increase the use ratio, decrease the abrasion of the crusher, prolong the machine’s service life, lower the cost in maintenance, and ensure safety in production. It must be maintained regularly. The relation between the maintenance and repair should be managed well.


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