Fote Machinery Promotes the Low-carbon and Green Economy

1/19/2018 08:20:46 AM

Since the beginning of the winter, fog and haze weather appeared frequently, and serious haze appeared in 25 provinces in December. Therefore, promoting energy conservation and emission reduction should be without delay, and the National Development and Reform Commission proposed to deploy to build the national carbon trading market. According to reports, at the end of November, carbon trading market had been opened in Shanghai and Beijing.

Fog and haze weather is mainly caused by extensive development and irrational industrial structure and energy structure, and promoting carbon emissions trading is designed to encourage energy conservation and emission reduction, for fundamentally controlling pollutant emissions.

Green economy is an industrial development model with eco-friendly and sustainable development, and as part of the system of green economy, “eco-agriculture, circular industry and continuous service industry” shall be implemented together.

Henan Fote Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a large-sized joint-stock enterprise integrated with the scientific research, production and sales of heavy mining machinery. Under the background of promoting green economy and sustainable development, Fote Machinery innovated and created groups of devices suitable for China’s circular economy in sustainable development. For example: building waste processing equipment, construction waste recycling equipment, energy saving crushers and other mining equipment with energy-saving and environmental protection of, to ensure increased productivity and minimum energy consumption.


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