The Iron Ore Processing Machines Made by Fote

9/06/2018 09:12:35 AM

Iron ore is the important raw material for iron and steel manufacturers. In general, only by the separation process can the iron ore, the grade of which is less than 50%, be smelted and made use of. Iron can be separated from natural iron ore by some processes, including the crushing process, grinding process, magnetic separation process, and the gravity separation process, etc. In order to process iron ore, ore processing machines are necessary. We, Fote Heavy Machinery, as a professional ore processing machinery manufacturer, here, will talk about the iron ore powder grinding and processing machinery with you.

  It is very important to select the proper iron ore powder grinder. Thus, we should select the proper one to greatly increase the production efficiency for our production process. The ultra-fine powder grinding mill, made by Fote, is of high output. And the shape of its final product is good.

  As is known to all, the iron ore processing line is very complex. High investment is needed for it, from the ore powder grinding process to the magnetic separation process. With the introduction of the energy conservation production mode to many manufacturers, compared with the other grinding machines, the high-pressure grinding mill made by Fote has more obvious superiority so that it can become the first choice for the iron ore process with low cost. Next, Fote will talk about the iron ore powder grinding and processing flow with you.

  In the iron ore processing line, iron ore is evenly sent into the jaw crusher by the vibrating machine to be crushed primarily. By the belt conveyor, the crushed material is sent into the cone crusher to be crushed further. The crushed material is then sent into the vibrating screen to be screened. The qualified product will be sent to the stock pile by the belt conveyor while the unqualified one will be sent back to the cone crusher to be processed again. 

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