Problems Encountered During Operation of the Dryer & Their Solutions

1/14/2020 15:20:37 PM

   The mechanical equipment cannot always be used normally, and dryers are not exceptive. Apart from personal factors, it usually depends on the stability of the quality of the dryer equipment, if you want to reduce the incidence of failures. Today, I will introduce to you the problems that easily occur during the use of the dryer and their solutions. I hope that it will be helpful to the majority of users of the dryer.

1. The two blocking wheels are repeatedly stressed. This phenomenon occurs because there is a problem in the contact between the supporting roller and the supporting belt. To solve this problem, we need to confirm the contact range between the supporting roller and the supporting belt of the dryer, and then judge the result by checking the results to make sure how to make adjustments.

2. Abnormal wear of the dryer supporting roller. There are two reasons for this phenomenon. The first one is that the same set of supporting wheels is not parallel or the connection of the two supporting wheels is not perpendicular to the cylinder axis, which will cause excessive force on the blocking wheels and cause abnormal wear of the supporting wheels. The second one is that the installation accuracy of the dryer supporting roller is low or the bolts are loose, which is caused by the deviation of the supporting roller during the work. This problem can be solved by returning the supporting roller to the correct position.

3. There is noise from time to time between the gears while the dryer is running. Since the sound is made between gears, if the gears are not damaged, it may be that the gears are difficult to run due to long-term non-lubrication, or the gap between the large and small gears is not suitable, which may cause noise. The solutions are: replace the gear if the gear is damaged, add the lubricant in time if it needs to be lubricated, and adjust the gear with a small gap to keep the distance between gears moderate.

4. The moisture content of the dried material is abnormal. After the materials are dried by the dryer, the moisture content can be divided into two cases. One is that the moisture content of the material after drying is too high. In this case, the solution is to increase the fuel, increase the drying temperature, and reduce the supply. The second is that the moisture content of the materials dried by the dryer is too low. The solution is to reduce the fuel supply and increase material inflow. We need to gradually adjust this work so that it reaches a suitable state. If the adjustment is made to a large extent, the moisture content of the material after drying will be high or low, which will not meet the product quality requirements.

   Because the dryer investment is not a small amount, and the quality will affect the future production, therefore, when buying a dryer, you should have a preliminary understanding of the dryer manufacturer, such as company reputation, scale and more. After the dryer is bought back, it is also necessary to do maintenance work, because unreasonable use will greatly reduce the dryer, shorten the service life and increase the input cost.



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