Some Details of the Maintenance of the Jaw Crusher

11/08/2018 15:44:28 PM

As a key machinery used to conduct the ore coarse crushing operation, the jaw crusher plays a very important role in the gravel production line. Meanwhile, the jaw crusher is often worn badly. Here, we, Fote Heavy Machinery, remind users of the maintenance of the jaw crusher.


  In the maintenance of the jaw crusher, we should focus on its components. We, Fote, will talk about the maintenance of some of them, which should be paid much attention to. The machine body is a key part of the jaw crusher. It should be noticed that if, on the cast iron surface of the machine body, there are pores, shrinking holes, slag inclusion, cracks, it should be repaired or replaced. The longitudinal level degree of the engine base should not exceed 0.5mm/m and the horizontal level degree of it should not exceed 0.15mm/m. The curvature of the surfaces of the back plates on the both sides of the machine rack can not exceed 1.5mm. The back plates and the side walls should be fastened firmly, which should not be loose.

  The movable jaw is a key part of the jaw crusher. You’re reminded that the worn fixed lining plate under the movable jaw should be repaired by cast. The two sides of the rack should keep the same distance from the movable jaw. You mustn’t forget the eccentric shaft, which should be examined to ensure that it has no cracks.


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