The Methods of the Increase of the Output of the Sand Dryer

11/27/2018 14:53:56 PM

Different from other kinds of dryers, the sand dryer is of less floor space and higher production capacity, which has decreased the volume and the heat radiating area of the tube. With the sand dryer, the use rate of thermal energy, to the largest extent, has been increased. All the advances above do good to the enterprise. Certainly, the output of the sand dryer should be increased firstly. Then, what are the methods?

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  Next, there are four effective methods of increasing the output for you:

  Firstly, to increase the efficiency, a certain feeding size should be guaranteed. In the drying process, it is not easy for the sand dryer’s lifting board to lift the crushed and ground material with big particle size. Therefore, before the material is fed into the dryer, the particle size of it must be small and even.

  Secondly, there can be the lifting device inside the sand dryer to make the material contact high-temperature air more. The material should not be lifted too frequently, otherwise, some small particles will fly away by the air. The frequency of lifting the material and the drying speed of the material should be controlled, which can increase the drying efficiency.

  Thirdly, the flue-gas temperature and the convection velocity should be increased. We often increase the temperature to make the moisture evaporate faster but the temperature of the flue-gas should be controlled within a certain range due to the high-temperature resistance of the dryer and the material itself.

  Finally, before the material is fed into the dryer, its moisture should be controlled strictly. Some moisture can be filtered out in advance.


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