The Basic Flows of Beneficiation

7/23/2019 15:08:57 PM

The Basic Flows of Beneficiation

As we all know, the mineral processing technique is widely applied. It is used to crush ores and separate minerals and then concentrate the useful minerals and remove useless gangue. According to different types of ores and requirements in final products, in practice, different mineral processing methods can be adopted. The common methods are flotation separation, gravity separation, magnetic separation, and electrical separation. Sometimes, a mineral processing method is solo adopted and sometimes several methods are used together.

In general, there are three basic flows of beneficiation.



Before the beneficiation process, there are some flows as preparation, such as raw ore crushing, screening, grinding, and classification, etc. These flows are used to separate the useful minerals from the gangue. Besides, with this preparation process, some proper conditions have been created for the following ore separation process. Some ore dressing plants also set an ore washing operation before the separation process.


Through gravity separation, magnetic separation, flotation separation, and other mineral processing methods, the useful minerals are separated from gangue and they are separated from each other to obtain the final product, including concentrate, tailing, middling sometimes.


After the beneficiation process, the final products need to be disposed of, including various concentrates, tailing, particle products. They need to be concentrated, filtered, dried, recycled, etc.


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