Which Kind of Sawdust Dryer Is Better?

1/21/2019 14:39:05 PM


In the market, there mainly are two kinds of sawdust dryers. One is the sawdust drum dryer and the other one is the sawdust air flow-type dryer.

       Similar with the traditional drum dryers, the sawdust drum dryer adopts the blower to suck the hot air into the dryer body to touch the material directly, which can make the material be dried and can reach high output. It can dry the material with different moisture content.

      As for the sawdust air flow-type dryer, the material, touching the hot air, goes through the tube to be dried. The tube’s damage to wind energy causes the decrease of the output so that it is more suitable for drying the sawdust with below 30% moisture. Besides, the output is a little low so it is not suitable for the big-scale production.

     In output, the sawdust drum dryer is more applied to the big-scale sawdust drying operation. However, it has quite high requirements of the occupied area. Meanwhile, the investment cost is quite high. We wish clients can select the proper sawdust drying equipment according to their own situation.



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